Product Certification & Safety Testing

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Listing, Labeling & Follow-Up

In order to complete the listing, ARL Listing labels must be ordered and a preliminary factory inspection of the manufacturing facility (for all new clients or a new manufacturing facility for an existing client) must be performed. If more than one manufacturing facility is used, each must undergo a preliminary factory inspection.

Once the file has been forwarded to the Technical Writing Department a Work Authorization Form will be sent to the client to authorize the preliminary inspection. The Work Authorization Form must be signed and returned along with the prepayment for the inspection fee and travel expenses. The product tested can be approved for listing and labeling once the preliminary factory inspection is completed and the manufacturing site is approved for production of the listed products.

The purpose of the preliminary factory inspection is to ensure the manufacturer is producing replicas of the test samples originally submitted for certification. The inspection also determines that the client is performing the required production tests and use of the ARL Listing Mark will be within the terms stated in the Service Agreement. If a proper system is not in place at that time, the Follow-Up Service Department will work with the client to assist establishing a system that meets ARL's requirements.

After successful completion of the preliminary factory inspection, ARL Labels are issued to be affixed to the product certifying its compliance with safety standards. A minimum of four no-notice factory inspections will be performed annually to ensure proper procedures are being followed and the ARL Label is being affixed only to manufactured replicas of samples submitted to ARL.

Product Listing Process

Why do I need a listing?

Applying for a listing:
ARL will determine a product’s eligibility for our product listing service through a thorough examination of its technical documents.
Evaluation and Testing:
The product is tested according to an applicable standard(s). If the product doesn’t comply with the standard, the client will be advised of the variances that need to be corrected. Once the product has passed testing, a Product Certification and Follow-Up Service Procedure Report is issued.
Listing, Labeling and Follow-Up:
The final step in the product certification process is the Preliminary Factory Inspection. Once the client’s manufacturing facilities have been inspected and approved, the product is considered fully listed. The client may now purchase Listing labels and begin applying them to the product.