Product Certification & Safety Testing

ARL’s expert engineering team will partner with you to ensure on-time completion of your project.

Evaluation and Testing

After receipt of the required information, materials and samples, the project will be scheduled and assigned to a project engineer in the appropriate department. The project engineer will oversee all evaluation, testing, and report preparation and determine the appropriate safety standard (in its most current version) to evaluate the product to identify and confirm if it meets all requirements.

All components will be checked to ensure they are "recognized" and suitably rated for their application. If components are not recognized, the client will have the option of replacing those components with recognized components or testing the unrecognized components for use in their product.

After the final testing has been completed, the client will be notified in writing of any variances requiring correction, additional information needed or components requiring further investigation. If no variances are found, operational tests outlined in the standard can then be scheduled and performed at the project engineer's discretion.

Upon completion of testing, evaluation, correction of variances and review of all requested information, the file will be forwarded to our Technical Writing Department. A Certification Report and Follow-Up Service Procedure are prepared reflecting the construction of the product and any production line tests required by the manufacturer.

Product Listing Process

Why do I need a listing?

Applying for a listing:
ARL will determine a product’s eligibility for our product listing service through a thorough examination of its technical documents.
Evaluation and Testing:
The product is tested according to an applicable standard(s). If the product doesn’t comply with the standard, the client will be advised of the variances that need to be corrected. Once the product has passed testing, a Product Certification and Follow-Up Service Procedure Report is issued.
Listing, Labeling and Follow-Up:
The final step in the product certification process is the Preliminary Factory Inspection. Once the client’s manufacturing facilities have been inspected and approved, the product is considered fully listed. The client may now purchase Listing labels and begin applying them to the product.