Product Certification & Safety Testing

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Applying for a Listing

To become eligible for ARL's Listing, Labeling and Follow-Up inspection services, the product in question must undergo testing to the applicable safety standards. All inquires should be submitted to ARL and must include the following: a description of the product, model number(s), intended use, any electrical and/or mechanical diagrams, fuel characteristics and any available literature or pertinent information.

When evaluating the initial information supplied, ARL will attempt to establish a listing file that will reference "families" of units based on similarities of models. An Application for Investigation for Listing, Labeling and Follow-Up Service outlining the testing to be performed and estimated test fee is sent to the prospective client along with a Listing, Labeling and Follow-Up Service Agreement.

The client must then review, sign and return the application to establish a project file. Items required by ARL for the test program are those detailed in the initial submission package and the applicable standard.

Product Listing Process

Why do I need a listing?

Applying for a listing:
ARL will determine a product’s eligibility for our product listing service through a thorough examination of its technical documents.
Evaluation and Testing:
The product is tested according to an applicable standard(s). If the product doesn’t comply with the standard, the client will be advised of the variances that need to be corrected. Once the product has passed testing, a Product Certification and Follow-Up Service Procedure Report is issued.
Listing, Labeling and Follow-Up:
The final step in the product certification process is the Preliminary Factory Inspection. Once the client’s manufacturing facilities have been inspected and approved, the product is considered fully listed. The client may now purchase Listing labels and begin applying them to the product.