Field Evaluations

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Responsive, efficient and affordable on-site testing and evaluation to keep your project moving forward.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all electrical equipment be certified, listed, and labeled by an approved laboratory. When an unlisted product is installed, building inspectors may not approve the installation.

In these situations, you are left with two choices. You can replace the unlisted product with a listed one, or you can have the unlisted equipment safety tested and labeled in the field.

Field evaluations are typically less expensive, less labor intensive, and quicker to complete than direct equipment replacements. Therefore, Field Evaluations are often the best option.

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Field Evaluated Equipment

  • Equipment built for custom installations
  • Equipment not manufactured for reproduction
  • Equipment installed without previous certification
  • Equipment that has been relocated
  • Equipment that has been modified in the field

The ARL Difference

The highly qualified dedicated ARL engineering team will visit your facility to conduct evaluations on your unlisted product.  During their trip to your facility, the ARL engineers will conduct a thorough evaluation of your equipment to identify any delinquencies.  ARL provides reliable field evaluation services in as little as 48 hours and our engineering team will work with you to ensure your equipment is safe and compliant with the applicable OSHA standards.  ARL offers:

  • An expert engineering team on-site to evaluate your unlisted products.
  • Thorough evaluations of your equipment to identify any non-conformances.
  • Reliable field evaluation services in a two day frame.
  • Caution and reliability to ensure equipment is safe and compliant with the applicable standard for safety.

ARL Field Evaluation Label

A field investigated product label is applied to the unit once your product has been tested and determined to be compliant with the applicable UL standard(s).  This label is applied by ARL to individual field evaluated equipment and tracked with unique serialized numbers.