Product Certification & Safety Testing

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ARL is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)


Why do I need a listing?

"Listed" products are products that have been tested by an approved and accredited testing laboratory, such as ARL, to assure the consumer’s safety in regards to fire, shock, and personal injury.

Retail Products

Most retailers require many products they sell to be listed by an approved testing laboratory. If your goal is to have a retailer sell your product, in most instances, you will need to have the product tested for safety and listed by an approved laboratory such as ARL.

Industrial and Construction Applications

For industrial equipment and appliances, municipalities in the United States require items to be “Listed” and/or “Labeled” by an approved and accredited testing agency. If your installed equipment is missing a listing mark from an approved testing agency, the inspector may deny approval of the installation. At that time, the equipment must be removed and replaced by a listed piece, or be tested and labeled by an approved laboratory such as ARL.

Having your product listed by an approved testing laboratory such as ARL will ensure your products will not be rejected by inspectors, will save time and money, and will be an invaluable sales tool.

Product Listing Process

Applying for a listing:

ARL will determine a product’s eligibility for our product listing service through a thorough examination of its technical documents.

Evaluation and Testing:

The product is tested according to an applicable standard(s). If the product doesn’t comply with the standard, the client will be advised of the variances that need to be corrected. Once the product has passed testing, a Product Certification and Follow-Up Service Procedure Report is issued.

Listing, Labeling and Follow-Up:

The final step in the product certification process is the Preliminary Factory Inspection. Once the client’s manufacturing facilities have been inspected and approved, the product is considered fully listed. The client may now purchase Listing labels and begin applying them to exact replicas of the product tested and approved by ARL.