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Oct 31, 2011

Applied Research Laboratories Receives Praise at WEEC Conference in Chicago

Applied Research Laboratories (ARL) is pleased to announce its successful showing at the WEEC (World Energy Engineering Congress) Conference in October 2011. This event marked the first in a line of tradeshows and industry events that representatives from ARL will be attending to expand the company’s brand name.

The WEEC is recognized as the most important energy event of national and international scope in all areas of the energy field. The WEEC Conference features a large agenda complete with seminars, workshops, and a comprehensive exposition of the market’s new technologies. ARL offers efficiency testing, corrosion testing, field evaluation, and listing/labeling services to industries such as HVAC and lighting.

Bruce Sukert, President of ARL, said of the positive response to ARL’s presence at the WEEC, “We are very happy with the response we received from fellow exhibitors and visitors at the WEEC and we look forward to We are very proud and exited about the opportunity to offer national and international testing and certification to new clients in the energy industry.”

About ARL

ARL is an independent family owned, internationally accredited testing laboratory which has provided manufacturers with personalized care for over 60 years. ARL specializes in a full service of consumer safety and compliance testing for a wide variety of products and offers an atmosphere free of bureaucracy and red tape, which means that customers receive a unique level of care throughout the testing process. Customers don’t simply submit their projects to ARL for testing; they join a team of highly skilled engineers who work along side them to reach excellence in every venture.

ARL operates out of South Florida and serves clients in North America and abroad, including countries such as Canada and Italy. For additional information about the company or to explore why ARL is the right team for all of your testing needs, visit the ARL website, or call 305-624-4800 to talk directly to an ARL representative.

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