Any listing in this product directory or other related materials, where “NRTL” appears next to the product name was tested and is listed by ARL as an NRTL, consistent with the requirements of the NRTL Directive.  Other products are listed solely by ARL under its accreditation to ISO 17025 and ISO 17026.


The products listed here are information technology equipment, including electrical business equipment and associated equipment with a rated voltage not exceeding 600 volts and D1 designed to be installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.

The requirements for this category also cover telecommunications (telephone) equipment designed and intended to be electrically connected directly to a telecommunication network and forming part of a subscriber’s installation, regardless of ownership and of responsibility for installation and maintenance.

Examples of equipment described above are: telephone answering devices, residential telephone instruments, telephone dialers, cordless phones, key systems, private branch exchange equipment, data and text processing equipment, personal computers, visual display units, data preparation equipment, data terminal equipment, data circuit terminating equipment, facsimile equipment, typewriters, calculators, accounting and book-keeping machines, cash registers, point of sale terminals, paper tape readers and punchers, staplers, duplicators, copying machines, erasers, pencil sharpeners, mail processing machines, document shredding machines, magnetic tape handlers, motor-operated files, dictation equipment, micrographic office equipment, monetary processing machines, electrically operated drawing machines (plotters), paper trimmers (punchers, cutting machines, separators), paper jogging machines, postage machines and teleprinters.

Each product is marked with the name or trademark of the (manufacturer) or vendor, a distinctive style, type, catalog or model designation, date code, electrical ratings, electrical hazard warnings, and other cautionary and hazard warnings as applicable.

These products comply with ARL requirements which include pertinent sections of the Standard for Safety, ANSI/UL 1459, Telephone Equipment and/or ANSI/UL 1950, Information Technology Equipment, Including Electrical Business Equipment.

A product that contains features, characteristics, components, materials, or systems new or different from those covered by the requirements of the standard, and that involve a risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, have been evaluated using the appropriate additional component and end-product requirements as determined necessary to maintain the acceptable level of safety as originally anticipated by the intent of the standard.  A product whose features, characteristics, components, materials, or systems conflict with specific provisions of the standard have been judged to be in non-compliance with the standard.

Only products which properly bear the ARL Listing Mark (Label) are considered Listed by ARL.


Delisted products appear with a double strike through and “DELISTED” after the report number.
Deleted/revised models for listed products appear with a single strike through.



Listed Product Directory (revised 01.13.15)