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Any listing in this product directory or other related materials, where “NRTL” appears next to the product name was tested and is listed by ARL as an NRTL, consistent with the requirements of the NRTL Directive.  Other products are listed solely by ARL under its accreditation to ISO 17025 and ISO 17026.

Listed Products

Testing for Consumer Safety

“Applied Research Laboratories (ARL) is a full-service Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and internationally accredited testing laboratory, which tests consumer and commercial products to determine if they meet minimum safety requirements.  As a national and international, full service, Testing Laboratory ARL performs testing for compliance with current, nationally recognized standards.  Products which comply with applicable standards become eligible for ARL's comprehensive Listing, Labeling and Follow-Up Service program.

Continued listing, labeling and follow-up inspection services are conditional upon the observance of pertinent standards and ARL requirements.  Products which comply with the requirements of the pertinent standard will not necessarily be judged eligible if there is a lack of an approved level of quality control or other factors that may impair the level of safety or performance required by ARL for this service.

Products built with materials or forms of construction not contemplated at the time of adoption of the pertinent standard may be examined and tested according to ARL's interpretation of the intent of the requirements.  If judged to be adequate, these products may be declared in compliance with the standard.

ARL'S Registered Listing Mark and Label

The manufacturer through written Agreement with ARL, is authorized to apply the registered ARL Listing Mark only to products found eligible for Listing, Labeling and Follow-Up Inspection Services.  Generally, the mark is affixed in the form of a non-separable, serialized label, but may also be imprinted or otherwise made a permanent part of the listed product, as circumstances require.  A sample ARL Listing Mark (Label) is shown below.

Follow-Up Inspection Services

Follow-up inspection services are designed to assure the public, jurisdictional authorities and other interested parties that the Listed Products which bear the registered ARL Listing Mark (Label) are manufacturing replicas of the products ARL tested and continue to meet qualifying criteria.  Factory inspections are conducted periodically by field representatives.  From time to time, these field personnel may also acquire products on the open market which are forwarded to ARL for re-evaluation.

ARL's Listed Products Directory

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The products listed in this Directory represent those which have been investigated, tested and declared eligible for ARL's Listing, Labeling and Follow-Up Inspection services.

Product titles, model and/or catalog numbers are grouped into categories, and arranged within each category by clients’ names.  If the client is the manufacturer then ‘Manufacturer” will appear after the client’s name. In cases where a contract manufacturer is used the manufacturer’s name will appear after the client’s information followed by “(manufacturer for   )”.   In cases where there are private brand distributor(s) of the Listed Product then (Private brand distributor for   ) will appear. Each Listing entry is followed by the test report file number.  A table of contents listing the categories appears at the beginning of this directory.

Items with a single strikethrough represent canceled or de-listed models for a listed product that are not currently being labeled.  An Item with a double strikethrough and the file number is followed by “DELISTED” represents delisted products that are not currently being labeled.  However, these products bearing the ARL label may still be found in distribution channels and final installations, and were originally produced and labeled under this service.

Items shown with “NRTL” after the File Number represent products that have been tested to standards recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory Program. Any listing in this product directory or other related materials, where “NRTL” appears next to the product name was tested by ARL as a NRTL.

Items shown without “NRTL” after the File Number are products that are listed by ARL under its accreditation to the ISO 17025 and ISO 17065 standards. While these are listed by ARL, and are subject to our Follow-up Inspection services, they are not considered to be NRTL listed.

ARL, in performing its function in accordance with its objectives, does not assume, or undertake to discharge any responsibility of the manufacturer or any other party.  The opinions and findings of ARL represent its professional judgment.

Applying to ARL

To become eligible for ARL's Listing, Labeling and Follow-Up Inspection services, the product in question must undergo testing.  Inquiries for testing should be addressed to ARL at the address below.  Please include a description of the product including model number(s), intended use, electrical and full characteristics plus any available literature and other pertinent information.  Following review of this submission, an ARL project engineer will contact you to discuss the details and requirements necessary for your product to be eligible for ARL’s program.

ARL is a national and international, full service Testing Laboratory, offering; Listing, Labeling and Follow-Up Service programs with a comprehensive consumer product safety testing program.  The product safety program uses national standards to evaluate products for safety and/or performance.


Delisted products appear with a double strike through and “DELISTED” after the report number.
Deleted/revised models for listed products appear with a single strike through.



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