Applied Research Laboratories Performing Energy Efficiency Testing and Certification

Many manufacturers of electrical appliances are familiar with Applied Research Laboratories’ consumer product safety testing and listing.   In the summer of 2012, ARL added another capability – energy efficiency testing and certification.

ARL evaluates and tests a variety of HVAC equipment and other appliances for the federally mandated U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Appliance Standards Program and the state mandated California Energy Commission (CEC) program.  ARL is also recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for both testing and certification under the ENERGY STAR® program.

DOE testing is required for all major home electrical appliances.  Test results are incorporated into the yellow EnergyGuide labels the DOE requires manufacturers place on all appliances. The label shows the estimated yearly operating cost of the appliance, based on the national average cost of electricity, and the estimated yearly electricity consumption.

ENERGY STAR qualified products exceed the federal minimum standards for efficiency and quality.  Manufacturers pay for testing and certification, but the expense is justified by increased sales to consumers who are interested in lower operating costs or reduced environmental impact.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) defines required energy efficiency levels that all products must meet in California.

“The advantage of testing with ARL compared to the big-box testing labs is that we can give more personal attention, an improved turnaround time and competitive pricing,” according to Kristine Donate, Director of Quality Assurance.  “There aren’t many smaller laboratories providing ENERGY STAR testing and certifying services for HVAC products.  We are one of only three that provides both.  There are a few other small labs providing certification or testing only, but it is a lot more efficient to have one lab do both.”

“As ARL’s customer base grows, we plan to add new products and enhance facilities for energy efficiency testing,” she added.

For more information, call ARL at 305.624.4800 or visit the website at

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